Business Agility

IDENTIFY And quickly respond to market opportunities


What Business agility is about?

Business agility is an organizational method to help businesses to quickly identify and adapt to business opportunities. The faster a company can take advantage of this opportunities, the higher its business agility.

Business agility coaching

We will help your business  to compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunities with innovative, digitally-enabled business solutions.

The Goal



Understandably, achieving Enterprise Agility is a huge undertaking. Changing the way the entire business runs is nothing to take lightly. As we’ve worked with clients undergoing massive Agile transformations, we’ve found that many of the challenges they face on the way to Enterprise Agility fall into three categories:

– Lack of visibility
– Not being focused on value delivery
– Failing to effectively train


The essence of an agile transformation is reimagining the organization as a network of high-performing teams, supported by an effective, stable backbone of strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology. Imagine working on such a team—having the right people working together, all with different capabilities, enables organizations to move with unprecedented speed. This can increase customer satisfaction and boost operational performance. It can also provide a safe place to experiment with the authority and funds to do so, helping organizations drive more innovation


Executing an agile transformation requires considering all components of the current operating model, the organization’s culture, capabilities, and context.

Nicolas Espinosa, Optimum agile CEO

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